Drones replaced Models for Dolce and Gabbana’s Fashion Show 2018

Drones replaced Models for Dolce and Gabbana’s Fashion Show 2018 (My Quadcopter) – Karla Montess. The non-traditional models produced “WOW Moment” from audience members (My Quadcopter). MIT Mapping System Makes Drones Self-Aware. Models were so last season: Dolce & Gabbana is the current designer to change humans with development on the runway. When doors opened on the D&G […]

Mavic Air Test Flights

DJI Mavic Pro’s Test Flights

No gadgets are fun enough to beat drones! True or not? Karla Montess, CEO of My Quadcopter, screamed as she piloted successfully the new Mavic Air for this test flights. Thanks to their ever-improving electronic camera specifications, ever-shrinking size, and also an ever-expanding roster of aerial capacities, they’re a blessing for technology followers bored of […]

The Mavic Air Drone from DJI

Mavic Air Drone is Compact and Uncrashable

DRONE-MAKER DJI ANNOUNCED a brand-new hobby aircraft today, one that weighs just a shade under a pound, suits a jacket pocket and can fly itself. Watch this Ad for better visual of the new DJI’s compact and uncrushable Mavic Air Drone: The Mavic Air ships on January 28 for $799. At that price, it hovers […]

dji unfold in 5 days

Latest Drone From DJI: DJIAdventure Unfold

Latest Drone From DJI: Item Introduce this Coming January 23rd DJI has just released a trailer for an item launch later on this month, due to be hung on January 23rd in New York. Lots of individuals expected a drone announcement to be made at CES 2018. Now it appears like the Chinese producer held […]

Mini-sized Drone

Mini-sized Brain of a Drone

Miniaturizing the brain of a drone Approach for developing effective computer system chips may get minimalised drones off the ground. Press Inquiries Over the last few years, engineers have made every effort to diminish drone innovation, developing flying designs loaded with even tinier picking up units and cams. At the minute, they have actually dealt […]

Zapata flying hoverboard air

What is a Flyboard Air

Whats happening with the Flyboard Hover? The man who created the Flyboard Air has been forbidden from flying his jet-powered hoverboard in France, stimulating an argument over the nation’s policies on development. In a Facebook post on March 10th, Franky Zapata, creator of the business that bears his name, stated there is a strong possibility […]

JYU drone black and white

Are Drones allowed to fly at night time?

As drones gradually flock to the skies, the existing course where remote-controlled plane are blazing a trail enjoys the night, inning accordance with an analysis obtained by U.S.A TODAY. The Federal Air travel Administration has provided 314 unique permissions for drone flights given that specific standards were finished Aug. 29, and 306 were for flying […]

a photo of Flying car at myquadcopter

Paving a way to Flying Cars, Thanks MIT!

MIT’s making way for flying cars For years, films about the future have included flying cars and trucks, and today we’re closer to seeing them become true. However, while the idea of flying cars is significantly exciting, it might become a problem. That’s because without the safety mechanisms we consider approved on the road today– […]

Selfie Drone Hover Camera Passport

Selfie drone Hover Camera Passport

Selfie drone Hover Camera Passport A new, compact video camera drone by No Zero Robotics is now readily available for purchase solely through Apple. The HoverCam Passport is the perfect way to document your activities without having to be glued to your phone since it flies in the air, follows you on-the-go, and constantly keeps […]