a photo of Flying car at myquadcopter

Paving a way to Flying Cars, Thanks MIT!

MIT’s making way for flying cars

For years, films about the future have included flying cars and trucks, and today we’re closer to seeing them become true. However, while the idea of flying cars is significantly exciting, it might become a problem.

That’s because without the safety mechanisms we consider approved on the road today– traffic signal, stop signs, speed limitations, etc.– the risk of crashes and accidents is very high.

Luckily, researchers from MIT are already dealing with methods to resolve this futuristic safety issue.

The researchers took small quadcopter drones and provided wheels and new motors to either fly or drive. This enables the “automobile” to fly over barriers when essential as well as drive on the road to save energy and suit tight areas. Using these drones, researchers were able to develop facilities that would permit vehicles to share the streets and the air consistently. They developed path-planning algorithms to identify exactly what would be the most reliable type of transport, provided the immediate environment that the drone remains in. The algorithm also anticipated the very best ways to avoid collisions, and relative trade offs in between speed and energy usage for the drones.

In practice, eight of these quadcopter drones took off in a small variation of an area without any collisions. They were able to optimize for energy and speed while flying or owning.

Although these approaches and algorithms cannot be used in practice at the moment, they might pave the way for a more secure, less dangerous roadway ahead for the development of flying cars.

To find out more about FLYING CARS being already in the real world, check this video out: