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Quadcopters in Action

Did you always want your camera to follow you around to get some awesome areial shots?

Your quadcopter will follow you around and film the action.

AirDog action sports drone will let us view life in the third-person | Gearburn

“The one feature dearly lacking on a gopro is a set of wings. But the developers behind the AirDog have likely solved that problem with the creation of the “world’s first auto-follow action sports drone” designed to film the user from high above.”


The US$995 AirDog is a waterproof, foldable, quad-copter drone that has a quirkily attractive LEGO-like appearance, but features a gyro-stabilised gimbal that reduces camera shake while automatically adjusting pitch and yaw. It’s serious machinery, developed by Helico Aerospace Industries, a group of extreme sports enthusiasts themselves.”

This Quadcopter technology is going to change the way we interact with our quadcopters and finally we will have a way to film ourselves without breaking the bank!!!!

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