DJI Phantom 4 in a city

Quick Facts DJI Phantom 4

“Visionary Intelligence. Elevated Imagination” DJI Phantom 4 is another masterpiece developed by DJI. It is a beginner-friendly drone that lets you control it without much trouble. It has revolutionary materials that minimize vibration to create high definition and impressively stable footage. DJI Phantom 4 is capable of avoiding obstacles in its path through its sense […]


DJI Phantom 3 – 4K UHD Video Camera Drone

The Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD Video Camera Drone is another improvement that has been added to the DJI’s Phantom series. With a completely supported 3-axis 4K UHD electronic camera, this drone is unquestionably a work of art when it pertains to taking high-resolution videos and quality images. The 4K UHD video webcam drone […]

dji phantom in box unopened

Quadcopter Tips for newbies

Quadcopter Tips for newbies If you are thinking about entering into the RC hobby, then you have more than likely seen the quadcopter trend that has swept the world. These little unmanned aerial automobiles are enjoyable to fly, you can hover, you can go backward, you can go straight up or down. All things that […]

air dog app photo

Quadcopters in Action

Did you always want your camera to follow you around to get some awesome areial shots? Your quadcopter will follow you around and film the action. AirDog action sports drone will let us view life in the third-person | Gearburn “The one feature dearly lacking on a gopro is a set of wings. But the developers […]